EDTECH GSA Call for Nomination of Officers





Hello EDTECH Students,

If you (or a fellow classmate in EDTECH) are interested in student government and working with a talented group of graduate students, then take a few moments and learn about the EDTECH GSA.

Right now, we are seeking officers for the 2011-12 school year.  You can nominate yourself or another student by going to our online form at http://goo.gl/DiKU4 (or use QR code below).  Thank you and we look forward to your participation!

GSA Nomination Form QR Code

Tom Robb

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GSA Meeting

The meeting for May has started!  Go to http://edtech.mrooms.org/course/view.php?id=88 and join in!

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Free Online Conference

FYI – there is a free online conference starting on Wednesday May 11th for people interested in simulations and virtual worlds for government and business.

Here’s the basic information:

Federal Consortium of Virtual Worlds CON 2011 from May 11-13th. It is taking place F2F in Washington D.C. and also in a few virtual worlds to include 3Dxplorer, VastPark, Second Life and web.alive.

There is still time to register for the virtual part of this conference. Just go to http://www.ndu.edu/icollege/fcvw/virpart.html and fill out their form – they will send you an email confirming your registration.

To take a look at the full agenda go to http://www.ndu.edu/icollege/fcvw/agendaD1.html

Be seeing you inworld! #fcvm and trailer http://vimeo.com/20448330?ab


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VWBPE Volunteer Appreciation Night

Please come to the VWBPE Appreciation Evening Saturday April 23th from 6 -8 pm SLT on VWBPE Gateway to thank the volunteers for all their dedication, determination, and sleep deprivation.
Since this year’s design theme was steam punk – if you like, please come dressed as your favorite subgenre of steam punk. (Yes, there will be prizes for costumes.)
It with be an event with music, dancing and conversation. We really want to thank you and have you attend an event you’re not working or presenting at! We’ll have the post-wrap up information available and some exciting news for next year’s conference.
When: Saturday, April 23rd
Time: 6:00 pm SLT  to 8:00 pm SLT
Where: VWBPE Gateway http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20Gateway/128/128/35/
Dress:  Wear your penultimate steam punk outfit. (Feel free to be creative – looking at Neo-Victorian, Diesel Punk, Atom Punk, Clock Punk and Weird West.)
Who:  VWBPE volunteers, presenters, and friends
What:  A party to honor the incredible dedication and hard work of the people who made the 2011 VWBPE Conference possible.

6:00 pm SLT Music, Dancing, best steam punk outfits (prizes will be awarded).
7:00 pm SLT Presentation honoring the amazing contributions made by the VWBPE volunteers and presenters


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Virtual Worlds

Early wrap-up of Virtual Worlds in Best Practices 2011

This international conference http://www.vwbpe.org just closed on Saturday but there is plenty of conference material already up and more still being produced. Here’s a viral version of a conference http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTg6-c0evUw If you would like to go into Second Life and visit some of the fantastic builds go to

Here’s the poster area. http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20South%202/231/121/21/

Annie Jefferies (SL avatar name: Miss Annie Ducatillion)’s Virtual Worlds in Education class – many of whom are GSA members did poster reviews and choose the poster nominees in three categories.

Here’s the poster area. http://slurl.com/secondlife/VWBPE%20South%202/231/121/21/

Lisi Gospin and Dr. Snelson were very involved with the Machinima working group, Machinima reviews and the contest. To see the playlist from MAchinima stream please go to http://tinyurl.com/4botfpg and to see the Machinima blog created go to http://machinimabehindthescenes.wordpress.com/

To see the list of Machinima and Poster award winners please go to http://www.vwbpe.org/awards

Full session are currently being edited and put up on Treet TV. To see which ones are already available go to http://business.treet.tv/shows/bpeducation.

My two recommendation for now:

Dr. Gibson’s “Emotional Impacts of Digital Media” http://business.treet.tv/shows…pe2011-048

and Peggy Sheehy’s “as the WORLDz Turn…”

More information to come as we get in the number of attendees, number of countries involved and more people put up video and write blogs.

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Spring 2011 GSA March meeting

Get ready for the Spring 2011 GSA March meeting
It’s time to gear up for the Spring GSA March meeting! It will run from Tuesday March 22 through Monday March 28.

The topic of the month will be Technology in the classroom, where we’ll be discussing real life examples and best practices – get your stories ready to share!

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International Conference Opportunity

Hello Everyone,

In a little less than 3 weeks, there will be a international conference – Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education www.vwbpe.org that EDTECH island (Boise State University’s Second Life Island) and BSU GSA will be participating in.

This conference is free and open to everyone. It is taking place in Second Life with tours to other virtual worlds such as Reaction Grid, OpenSim, World of Warcraft, and Club Penguin.

There are opportunites to volunteer for the conference http://bit.ly/vwbpe11cfv2 and also to help build and staff the EDTECH island/BSU GSA exhibit area. Anyone who would like to help build or staff the BSU area please contact me directly (karennovak@u.boisestate.edu).

The build can get started this weekend, while staffing the exhibit area would take place on:

Thursday, March 17th     7 – 8 pm SLT/PST
Friday, March 18th         5 am – 6 am, 10 -11 am, 6 pm – 7 pm
Saturday, March 19th      1 pm – 2 pm

To sign-up and get more information, please use the online sign-up form (http://bit.ly/vwbpe11cfv2).


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