Summer 2010 Discussions

Virtual Worlds Graduate Symposium Committee
While not sponsored by VWBPE ( which is an once year event), but definitely inspired by it, a group of grad students who worked at VWBPE on the planning committees would like to develop a VW Graduate Student Symposium. Saturday October 23 and Sunday October 24 have been chosen for the dates. They are looking for five graduate student associations to sponsor it. Please take a look and see if we would like to be involved individually or as a group. Our involvement (if we as an association would be involved) is something for us to discuss over the summer. If you are interested, please go to the EDTECH GSA portal on Moodle and look underneath Committees to participate in discussions.

Alumni Association Committee
We are starting discussions for the how the EDTECH GSA can support our alumni. To participate in discussions, go to the EDTECH GSA Portal and look underneath Committees for the Alumni Association. Let’s discuss. So we can have something to propose at the beginning of the fall semester.

Online Journal, Showcase Committee, and Project Sharing Database
Please go to The Showcase Committee in the EDTECH GSA Portal underneath “Committees” and take a look at the sample Online Journal Concept Paper. This is a starting off point for us to discuss the Online Journal during the summer. Based on discussions in Spring, we have updated the Project Sharing Database to allow users to submit papers or articles to the Showcase Committee for peer review.

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