Interview with Dr. Dawley’s Social Networking Class

Today I had the opportunity of being asked about how the EDTECH GSA has grown and become my personal learning community.  I shared successes, strategies we have used as a group, and was anle to showcase some of what we have been able to accomplish.

In reflecting on the past year and a half the one thing that is really starting to show in all of this is how amazing it is that this group of talented students with diverse educational backgrounds can utilize technology to provide opportunities to other students and learn from each other.  My hope is that one day this network will continue in this endeavor and continue the groundwork we are laying this year.

Thanks for everyones hard work lately.  It will soon pay off.

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One Response to Interview with Dr. Dawley’s Social Networking Class

  1. Brenda Janot says:

    Interview with Creator/Leader Thomas Robb, Edtech GSA President
    As the Mini-Grant officer of the Edtech GSA association my questions were centered around recent communication topics within our Edtech GSA environment.

    Is the new Edtech GSA wordpress site considered a PLC?
    It was clear to me after the interview with Thomas Robb that the new site was created as our new PLC. The reason that the new wordpress PLC was formed was to enable our GSA members with more options for blogging. In addition to blogging the sidebar widgets were created to house our Project Sharing Database, Edtech updates and archives. I think that Thomas touched on key points about why the project sharing database was useful to our organization. He created the wordpress site in order for alumni to share their work experiences with members. The PLC allows alumni and members to share information about educational technology trends and form a collaborative informational community. I like the idea of learning from peers who have experience in the workforce.

    What is the new GSA Edtech Basecamp project?
    This is a new project that was just sent out to each officer in an email. I was curious about the features on Basecamp. I realized from the interview that Basecamp was designed as a master task organizer for our association. I quickly realized what some of my tasks were going to be as the new mini grant officer. This was refreshing because I needed a place where I could go and preview my duties. Basecamp has a function which allows officers to click on a task and take an assignment. I am interested in working on journal submissions.

    How has the Edtech GSA grown over the past year?
    I think that Thomas is consciously growing the association. Student involvement is a key factor in building the organization. So much has changed over the past year as evident by the influx of officers with techie savvy knowledge as well as a creator with a vision. I think the new Basecamp site will allow officers to take over some of the tasks of our creator/leader. I enjoyed the interview very much.

    Brenda Janot

    Below are some links to other wordpress site PLC communities.


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