Virtual Worlds

Early wrap-up of Virtual Worlds in Best Practices 2011

This international conference just closed on Saturday but there is plenty of conference material already up and more still being produced. Here’s a viral version of a conference If you would like to go into Second Life and visit some of the fantastic builds go to

Here’s the poster area.

Annie Jefferies (SL avatar name: Miss Annie Ducatillion)’s Virtual Worlds in Education class – many of whom are GSA members did poster reviews and choose the poster nominees in three categories.

Here’s the poster area.

Lisi Gospin and Dr. Snelson were very involved with the Machinima working group, Machinima reviews and the contest. To see the playlist from MAchinima stream please go to and to see the Machinima blog created go to

To see the list of Machinima and Poster award winners please go to

Full session are currently being edited and put up on Treet TV. To see which ones are already available go to

My two recommendation for now:

Dr. Gibson’s “Emotional Impacts of Digital Media”…pe2011-048

and Peggy Sheehy’s “as the WORLDz Turn…”…pe2011-047

More information to come as we get in the number of attendees, number of countries involved and more people put up video and write blogs.

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