Student Polls

Given the growth in membership during the past couple of weeks (we are at about 45 members now), I’d like to propose the idea that we start discussing a specific academic topic at our monthly meetings as opposed to just business-related matters. 

To help us choose a topic and determine what subject matter we would discuss, I created the poll below.  The topic that gets the most votes will be discussed at the next meeting as an “Agenda” item.  This would promote scholarly discussion within our group and really start bringing about heritage and practices that we engage in as students.

If you are for this type of discussion format, give us some ideas using the poll below:


5 Responses to Student Polls

  1. Lisi says:

    Love it! Great idea.

  2. thomasrobb says:

    I’m hoping this will help us build our community of learners by engaging in practices that are driven by the participants. The whole idea with the EDTECH GSA Community is to engage in practices where we learn from each other, negotiate meaning, and build something that is both engaging and sustainable.

    With Lisi’s idea of allowing the GSA Members to post recorded videos or mp3 files of themselves as opposed to plain text on the discussion boards, this might liven the meetings a bit and allow us to really get to know each other. Hopefully, this will lessen the feelings of isolation some of us feel in the online world.

  3. Robert Wiley says:

    This is an AWESOME idea!! Just curious where the items to vote on come from?

    In future Agenda’s I would be interested in hearing about ideas concerning learning possibilities from current video or internet gaming. I agree with Thomasrobb when he says, “engage in practices where we learn from each other, negotiate meaning, and build something that is both engaging and sustainable.”

    • thomasrobb says:

      Hi Robert,
      If you come onto Moodle, we will be having a meeting and that is where new ideas for polls can be brought up and shared.

      We’d love to hear your ideas on Internet Gaming and Video uses in educational technology.

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